GOODWILL ART GUIDE — Popular painting subjects


At one time, almost all artists earned their living by 'face painting'. These pictures have become fascinating records of the way people's ancestors looked and dressed.
A portrait differs in almost every respect from other types of subject matter, because it is shared by two participants: the artist and the sitter. This applies to the commissioned portrait as much as to that of the painter's chosen model.

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The 30 images and 41 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas  and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

Other Popular Painting Subjects:
Still Life

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Artistic elements of the subject
Looking, describing and comparing
Making and investigating - 1
Making and investigating - 2

Goodwill’s guide to developing visual literacy
Exploring the basic elements in a work
Further advice for the teacher


Arcimbaldo, Summer
Baldovinetti, Portrait of a lady in yellow
Bellini, The Doge Leonardo Loredan
British School, The Cholmondeley ladies
Chinese, Emperor Kangxi in his library
Christus, Portrait of a young lady
Degas, Helen Rouart in her father’s study
De Lempicka, Saint Moritz
Dix, Hugo Erfuth with dog
Debuffet, Dhotel slightly apricot coloured
Dumas, The schoolboys
Egyptian, Mummy case of Artemidorus
Freud, Francis Bacon
Gilman, Mrs Mounter
Hilliard, Portrait of a gentleman
Hilliard, Queen Elizabeth I
Hogarth, The shrimp girl
Holbein, The ambassadors
Jawlensky, Useless light
Jawlensky, Woman
Kollwitz, Hans Kollwitz with a candle
Modigliani, Girl with plaits
Picasso, Les desmoiselles d’Avignon
Picasso, Weeping woman
Roman, Funeral portait of a young woman
Spencer, Hilda, Unity and dolls
Ter Borch, A lady spinning
Tissot, Mrs Catherine Chapple-Gill and her children
Van Gogh, Self-portrait with straw hat and pipe
Warhol, Marilyn