GOODWILL ART GUIDE — Key Modern Art Styles

These French painters worked in Paris from the 1860s until, in some instances, the 1920s

These artists are seen as the earliest ‘avant garde’ group of painters whose work led from the Renaissance tradition of picturing the world through visual illusion, into the uncharted waters of modern art.  They broke new technical ground, but above all they established a key point — that a canvas is flat and this is what distinguishes painting from all the other arts. This guide explores their working practices and careers and helps to explain Impressionism's enduring popularity.

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The 25 images and 47 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

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PART 1 — Introducing Impressionism
Its enduring popularity
The move away from official art
Showing in their own salon
Characteristics of the style
Influences and other factors
aJapan, colour theory and the camera

PART 2 — Looking at Impressionist paintings
Defining the categories
Recording everyday life
Depicting a fleeting moment
Representing light through paint Landscape, water and reflections

PART 3 — Suggested classroom activities
Practical work
Group discussion
Writing and drama
Colour stocks
Painting from observation

PART 4 — Brief biographies

Bathers at La Grenouillère, Monet
Claude Monet, Renoir
The Seine at Argenteuil, Monet
The Gare St-Lazare, Monet
Antibes, Monet
Les Meules, Monet
Haystacks: Snow Effect, Monet
Rouen Cathedral, Monet
Waterlilies and willow branches, Monet
La Loge, Renoir
Le Moulin de la Galette, Renoir
A fair in Algiers, Renoir
A bather, Renoir
Kitchen garden at the Hermitage, Pissarro
Garden at Pontoise, Pissarro
The quays at Rouen, Pissarro
Paris, the Boulevard Montmartre..., Pissarro
The cradle, Morisot
Summer’s day, Morisot
Woman and child in a garden, Morisot
Barges on the Sainte Martine Canal, Sisley
The path to the old ferry at By, Sisley
Molesey Weir, Hampton Court, Sisley
Oarsmen, Caillebotte
The Europe Bridge, Caillebotte