GOODWILL ART GUIDE — Key Modern Art Styles

Expressionism is an umbrella term covering the modernist art, writing, music and architecture produced in Europe during the first quarter of the 20th century

A telling characteristic of Expressionist painting is its colourful, unconventional look. It has been said that the Impressionists ‘saw’ and the Expressionists ‘felt’. Painters now dared to express their own, highly subjective, feelings on canvas. Looking to African and Oceanic art for ideas, and Post-Impressionism for techniques, these artists developed a new visual language: colour, distortion and abstraction, through which they created a rapport with the viewer. These works struck a chord with contemporary art collectors.

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The 25 images and 54 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

Other Key Modern Art Styles titles:
The Impressionists
Cubism & Futurism
Surrealism & Dada
Abstract Expressionism &
Pop Art
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PART 1 — Introducing Expressionism
The French Fauves
How they got their nickname
Today’s popular appeal
German Expressionism
Drawn from three sources
The Bridge
Artistic freedom
Influence of Scandinavian angst
The Blue Riders
High ideals
New Objectivity
After World War 1

PART 2 — Colour
No need to be objective

PART 3 — Suggested classroom activities
How do animals feel?
Looking at Expressionist portraits.
Working in 3-D.
Painting figures in landscapes.
Have regular group discussion.

PART 4 — Brief biographies
Munch, Matisse
Derain, Vlaminck
Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff
Modersohn-Becker, Marc
Macke, Kokoshka
Jawlensky, Dix
Grosz, Beckmann, Kollwitz

MUNCH,The Scream
MATISSE, Luxe, calme et volupté
MATISSE, André Derain
MATISSE, The Dance
MATISSE, Red Studio
DERAIN, Boats at Collioure
DERAIN, The Pool of London
VLAMINCK, On a river bank
KIRCHNER, Bathers at Moritzburg
SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, Girl at her toilet
NOLDE, The Great Gardener
NOLDE, Poppies
MODERSOHN-BECKER, Boy in the snow
MARC,The Tiger
MARC, Red and blue horses
MACKE,The Great Zoological Garden
KOKOSHKA, The mandrill
JAWLENSKY, Woman with a fan
JAWLENSKY, Head of a woman
DIX, Portrait of the journalist Sylvia von Harden
GROSZ, The love-sick man
BECKMANN, Carnival
KOLLWITZ, Hans Kollwitz with candle