GOODWILL ART GUIDE — Key Modern Art Styles

In the early 20th century some French and Italian painters tried new approaches to express the ‘modern’ age in which they lived.

This set examines Cubism or 'geometric painting' led in Paris from 1907 by Picasso and Braque. It also covers the Italian Futurists who published a manifesto on the difficult task of painting motion on canvas.
Cubists aimed to purify painting — searching for ways to create a new optical experience by relating 3-dimensional space to a flat surface. This challenged artists everywhere, particularly in Russia where Malevich led the way.

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The 25 images and 51 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

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PART 1 — Introducing Cubism
A radical way of looking
Collaboration with Picasso
First an austere analysis
Colour and collage
The Russian connection
Manifesto of Futurism

PART 2 — Studying Cubist and Futurist art
Picasso’s dominance
Undramatic subject matter
Léger and the Futurists
Power and movement
Adoration of speed
The spread of ideas

PART 3 — Suggested classroom activities
Discussion and Experimentation,
Texture, Charcoal, chalk and pastels
Pattern, Shape, Lettering, Line and colour,
Line and movement, Subject matter

PART 4 — Brief biographies
Pablo Picasso
Georges Braque
Juan Gris
Robert Delaunay
Fernand Léger
Kasimir Malevich
Albert Gleizes
Max Weber
Giacomo Balla
Umberto Boccioni
Gino Severini

PICASSO, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon
PICASSO, Seated nude
PICASSO, Bottle of Vieux Marc, Glass, Guitar...
PICASSO, Three dancers
BRAQUE, Clarinet and bottle of rum ...
BRAQUE, Still Life with Glass and Newspaper
GRIS, Breakfast
GRIS, The sunblind
GRIS, Still life, table and chair
DELAUNAY, Eiffel Tower
DELAUNAY, The Cardiff team
DELAUNAY, Windows open simultaneously
DELAUNAY, Political drama
LEGER, Three women
LEGER, The Three Comrades
MALEVICH, Taking in the rye
MALEVICH, Englishman in Moscow
MALEVICH, Musical Instrument and lamp
GLEIZES, Football players
WEBER, Rush Hour, New York
BALLA, Abstract Speed - The car has passed
BALLA, Spatial forces
BOCCIONI, Unique forms of continuity in space
SEVERINI, Suburban train arriving in Paris
SEVERINI, Still life with violin and score...