GOODWILL ART GUIDE — Action painting


Art is a conjuror, or beguiler. Nowhere is this truer than in painters' and sculptors' attempts at convincing the viewer that their people, animals, clouds, vehicles are in motion.
They are not; they are for ever bonded to their picture planes or solid support. Yet countless generations have accepted angels flying in the sky, figures rising from a tomb or walking through a poppy field. The illusion of movement in art has been achieved in many different ways.
An unstable position implies change — at any moment a follow-up must occur. Of course it does not. It is the onlooker who provides the next stage, and the one before, from his/her own experience. The co-operation of the viewer is vital for the deception to work, and work it does.

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Artistic elements of the subject
Looking, describing and comparing
Making and investigating - 1
Making and investigating - 2

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Exploring the basic elements in a work
Further advice for the teacher


Balla, Dynamism of dog on a leash
Balla, Spacial forces
Blake, The ancient of days
Boccioni, Unique forms of continuity in space
Brueghel, Wedding dance in open air
Burne-Jones, The golden stairs
Chagall, Autobiography
Courbet, The wave
Cranach, Golden age
Degas, La La at Cirque Fernando, Paris
Delacroix, Liberty leading the people
Delaunay, Grand Flamenco
Dufy, Electricity fairy
Gleizes, Football players
Greek, A boy with a hoop
Italian, Beekeeping
Kandinsky, Swinging
Kirchner, Circus horsewoman
Leger, The acrobat and his partner
Lowry, Going to work
Meyer-Amden, Raised hands
Michelangelo, Creation of Adam
Nash, Battle of Britain, August-October 1940
Persil Poster, Athlete
Power, The escalator
Raeburn, Reverend Robert Walker skating....
Rodin, Invocation
San Bushmen, Cave painting
Sartorius, Earl of Darlington...
Uccello, A hunt in the forest (detail)