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All these subjects can teach the basic aspects of visual language, and the vocabulary to talk about visual images. ‘Reading’ pictures is an engaging challenge — an exploration of delight, a journey into light, colour and feeling.  The objective is to educate people to respond to and be moved by art. Knowledge and understanding of art and artists will grow from this direct experience.

Whether displayed on a whiteboard, or printed out for individual and group use, studying the 30 images enables students to look at, describe and compare works of art, and to investigate and create their own work. Studying the pictures also helps to explain the purpose, meaning and significance of the visual arts throughout history.



'These resources are tremendous' Winnie Hill-Cottingham, St Bernard's Prep School, Slough.

'A super variety of styles of art give a real insight into the different ways of seeing.  Stimulating and thought-provoking.' Rayleigh County Junior School.