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Painters and musical composers work in different mediums, but use a common creative language. A painting can be as full of rhythm as a rock song — and both can be composed in a harmonious or a discordant way. Music may be 'colourful' and — like notes on a piano — a paintbox has a 'scale' of tones.
For some people a musical sound reminds them of a colour — this sensation is called 'synaesthetic'. In the 19th century, to prove that music could conjure up visual images, the Russian composer Mussorgsky wrote a piano piece called 'Pictures at an Exhibition', in which the listener is conducted through a musical art gallery.
These images well illustrate the link between music and art. Students will be able to compare their experiences of pop or rock videos with the paintings seen here.
The shapes of musical instruments are aesthetically pleasing, sometimes even sculptural. While essentially functional, many of them are finely decorated. The unity of player and instrument in these pictures of music-making also has strong visual appeal.

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The 30 images and 41 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

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Braque, Still life, harp and violin
Bunce, Musica
Cassandre, Pathé
Chagall, The violin player
Costa, A concert
Dali, Six apparitions of Lenin on a piano
Delaunay, Big flamenco
De Lempicka, Musikantin
De Stael, The musicians
Dufy, Orchestra with mixed choirs
Gertsch, Patti Smith l
Gontcharova, Archangel Michael
Hughes, The home quartet
Huntley, Paint the town by Tube
John, Madame Suggia
Kandinsky, Singer
Lichtenstein, The melody haunts my reverie
Lowry, The bandstand, Peel Park,Salford
Nussbaum, Organ grinder
Persil, Saxophonist
Pezeu, The songdealers
Picasso, Violin and music score
Rajastan, Musicians playing to ladies
Reemer, Vivaldi
Renoir, Young girls at the piano
Richards, Drummer and monkey parachutists
Ter Brugghen, The concert
Titian, Three ages of man
Vermeer, A young woman seated at a virginal
Watteau, The music party