GOODWILL ART GUIDE — Craft, Design & Culture

This teaching guide explores the development of the vessel — ceremonial, aesthetic and functional objects designed and made as containers.

A pot is an object intended to contain something, perhaps water, wine, grain, funerary remains, or in contemporary ceramics to celebrate the idea of a vessel by playing with notions of opening and closing, fullness and emptiness.

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The 25 images and 40 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

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PART I Introducing pots

Why was it made? Who made it?
What is it made of? How was it made? Scale of making; are pots like people? What a pot reveals; how to find out more; what makes a good pot?

PART 2 Suggested classroom activities

Art, craft and design
The setting game; unlikely flat-mates;
silhouettes; one thing leads to another;
archaeologists and conservators;
using the images
English Language development;
Aladdin’s cave; storytelling
Understanding materials; water-proof or not
Religious education

Ancient pots
FRANCE Early Bronze Age beaker
EGYPT Canopic jars 300BC
GREECE Neck amphora, c.540BC
PERU Pre-Inca owl jar,c.540-400BC

10th-14th century pots
FRANCE? Bodleian bowl, C13
BRITAIN Knight aquamanile, C13
BRITAIN Green glazed face jug, c.1250
KOREA Koryo dynasty bottle, C12-13
CHINA ‘David’ Temple vases, c.1351
SYRIA Enamel vase, C14

15th-19th century pots
JAPAN Kakiemon bowl, 1670-90
INDIA Carved crystal bowl,C17
BRITAIN Jug in the shape of an owl, 1680
BRITAIN Puzzle jug, 1790
CHINA Porcelain lantern, 1740

20th century pots
JAPAN Crane bowl, 1900
JAPAN Silver repoussé teapot, C20
ZAIRE Ceremonial drinking vessel
GUYANA Tuma 1, 1990
SPAIN Picasso, owl vase, 1949
BRITAIN Hans Coper, Untitled, 1974

Contemporary pots

BRITAIN Lucy Rie, bottle vase, 1981
BRITAIN Arroyave-Portela, Flared Vessel, 2001
BRITAIN Walter Keeler, Bowl and jug, 1994
BRITAIN C. McNicoll, Post Colonial..., 2002