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Exploring the many reasons why people adorn their bodies and make and wear jewellery.
A worldwide selection of jewellery and body adornments dating from the second millennium BC to the present day.

Why do people wear jewellery?

Throughout history women and men have had the urge to decorate and adorn themselves. Some cultures use simple tools and natural found materials, others have developed sophisticated gem-cutting and metal-working technologies and high-level making skills, enabling complex pieces to be produced.
Regardless of technical competence, the reasons for this deep-rooted custom are essentially the same. Going beyond the impulse to decorate, wearing jewellery and body ornaments can reflect the pursuit of wealth, power, religion, or love, the confirmation or denial of self, the flattering of vanity and easing of superstitious fears.
Archaeologists, ethnologists, anthropologists and art, craft and design historians have all contributed to the analysis of these complex and overlapping functions.
The ideas and information presented here will assist teachers to develop units of work for students, promoting discussion of how and why people ornament their bodies and comparing and contrasting current and past uses of materials and forms.

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The 25 images and 39 pages in this e-book offer concise information, teaching ideas and the opportunity for fresh and creative thinking about the subject.

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MEXICO Self Portrait, Frida Karlo

Archaelogical finds 20BC to the 9th century
EGYPT Bangles, earrings,rings and bracelets
COLOMBIA Cast gold pectoral
ROMAN Cameo portrait of Caesar Augustus
ENGLAND Square-headed Anglo-Saxon brooch
ENGLAND Queen Ethelswith of Mercia’s ring

European15th-19th century
ITALY Portrait of a girl, D. Ghirlandaio
ENGLAND Elizabeth I, Unknown
SCOTLAND Mary, Queen of Scots, after N. Hilliard
ENGLAND Admiral Horatio Nelson, W. Beechey
ENGLAND The Morning Walk, T. Gainsborough
FRANCE Louis XV’s crown

Non-western 18th-20th century
TAHITI Decorative chest ornament
ALGERIA Silver, enamel and coral ring brooches
AFGHANISTAN Talisman holder
INDIA Shah Jahan and his son, H. Rembrandt
MOROCCO Berber necklace
JAPAN Two courtesans, K. Utamaro
AFRICA Ear plugs
N. AMERICA Native American leader, C.B. King

European 20th century
ENGLAND Earrings for a dirty neck, W. Ramshaw
SCOTLAND Bunny ears ring, K Hackney
ENGLAND A Zebra, G. Morton
ENGLAND Braided earrings, C. Martin